The Birds at Lista

Lista is one of Norway’s most important resting places for migratory birds, and in the course of one year, between 260 and 290 bird species are observed in the area.

The number of bird species observed at Lista during a year is at the very top in Northern Europe.

The spring migration begins early in the year and lasts until mid-June. During this period the migratory birds find their nesting places here in the north.

The autumn migration begins already at the beginning of July for some species and lasts until the end of November.

Regardless of the season, there is bustling life, it’s basically just a matter of stopping and looking.

In the information kiosk at Lista lighthouse, there are binoculars for lending through “BUA’s” lending system. Also follow Visitor Centre Wetland Lista‘s Facebook page for nature walks and other activities.

Lista Bird Observatory started up in 1990, and monitors migratory birds by standardized ringing and daily counting at Lista Lighthouse. Since April 1st 2015, the station is operated by BirdLife Norway as their national bird observatory. The purpose of the Bird Observatory is to shed light on the occurrence and development of bird populations by collecting data on bird migration over time.

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Join the ringing of birds!

Annually around 6000 birds are ringed at Lista Bird Observatory divided into 70-75 species. It is almost exclusively sparrows that are ringed. In addition to learning about the birds' migratory routes, age etc., standardized ringing provides an ever better basis for assessing population trends and annual variations.

Lista bird safari

Lista is one of the country's most important resting places for migratory birds, and has the highest number of bird species in all of Norway. Lista bird safari does not have a fixed program, but will rather be carefully adapted to the season, weather conditions and the customer's own wishes. The trip normally takes 3 hours or more, depending on the route or scope of the trip. Extended time is possible on request. Join the Lista bird safari and tick your list! Duration: approx. 3 hours / about 6 hours Season: All year round. The migration times in spring and autumn give the highest number of birds. Price: 1 - 5 people NOK 1800, - for 3 hours, regardless of how many people are in the group. NOK 500 for each extra hour. NOK 3100 for 6 hours. We can offer various lunch options on request. Important: We never guarantee observations of specific birds, but with our experience and local knowledge, we will always do our best for you to be able to see your target species.


For any questions regarding our scientific work or voulenteering, contact us directly by phone: +47 949 86 793. To read statistics from our work, please visit our web page: