Visitor Centre Wetland Lista

This centre serves all those who want to experience and learn about this environment. We are located at Lista Lighthouse and present the international protection status of the Lista Wetland System, especially focusing on the RAMSAR areas at Lista, the protected areas at Lista, the bird migrations and Slevdalsvannet nature reserve.

We receive school classes all year round and carefully organize the visits to this unique natural environment for any group or private person. Our task is to increase the understanding of and general insight into the functions of the wetlands as an ecosystem as well as its value to us as human beings.

Please also visit our showroom in Langhuset (The Long House) at Østhasselstrand.

What are we

Visitor Center Wetland Lista produces exhibitions, give information and make activities around the Lista Wetland System. We're authorized from the Norwegian Environment Agency for 2020-2025.

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We receive schools and groups all year. We would like to visit your school or company to tell you more about Lista. Contact us by e-mail: or phone +47 906 12 688