Lista Bird Observatory

The observation of migratory birds started in 1990 by standardized ringing and daily counting of resting and migrating birds at Lista Lighthouse.

Since April 1st 2015 the station has been run by Norsk Ornitologisk Forening, the Norwegian Ornithological Society (NOF), as their national bird observatory. The aim of their work is to shed light on the occurrence and development of bird species by collecting data about the migration of birds over time. Every year some 6000 birds are ringed at Lista Bird Observatory, divided into 70-75 species. Almost only passerine birds are ringed. Through standardized ring-ing a constantly better basis of experience is achieved, which in turn makes it easier to assess annual tendencies in bird stocks and yearly variations in the occurrence of a large number of bird species found in Norway.

Both NOF and Lista Bird Observatory are eagerly contributing to a knowledge-based environmental management. Some of the contents in the data series and the monitoring methods are being documented by annual reports to Miljødirektoratet (Norwegian Environment Agency).

Lista Bird Observatory is highly appreciated both nationally and internationally, and is looking for volunteers who can contribute to the scientific activities at the station. Enthusiastic bird watchers who need training are also welcome.

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Join the ringing of birds!

In the periods from 15 March to 10 June and 15 July to 15 November, it is possible to join the ringing of birds. Contact us for further details ( / tel. +47 906 12 688). Ringing is for morning birds and goes on from sunrise.

Birding on your own

Feel free to contact the information centre and get information about locations and information about the birds in the area. The information centre has telescopes for lending. Bring a brochure and see how many you find!


For any questions regarding our scientific work or voulenteering, contact us directly by phone: +47 949 86 793. To read statistics from our work, please visit our web page: