Kunstpunkt Lista

The house of the lighthouse keeper has since 1987 been a showroom for local, national and international art.

Agder Kunstsenter (art centre) and Kunstpunkt Lista took over the running of the gallery in 2017. Kunstpunkt Lista both produces and shows a number of art exhibitions in the course of the year. The gallery preferably exhibit both individual exhibitions focusing on visual arts and handicraft from Agder County as well as group exhibitions and curated exhibitions.

The garden of the gallery is always open to the public.



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Erlend Helling Larsen
Artistic Manager at Kunstpunkt Lista
Phone: +47 452 07 635

Agnes Repstad
Manager of Agder Kunstsenter
Phone: +47 472 02 743



Current exhibition

Various unprogrammed events will happen during winter, read more


Several international art exhibits coordinated by Galleri Lista Fyr and Alfred Vaagsvold have taken the landscape as a display site: Drift-1992, Drift-94 and Folk-05 with Solfrid Olette Mortensen as a partner. Bunkers - 95 with Barbro Raen Thomassen as curator, Nordberg Fort 97 and 98 with Sørlandets Kunstmuseum as a partner.


In cooperation with the landowners, several bunkers have become permanent places for art. The underground bunker in the plant field is incorporated into the official list of road chapels.

The Gallery Garden

The garden is always open to the public, also for private events. The Norwegian Church has approved the garden as a marriage place. The garden is also a place for markets, concerts, meetings, companies, art education programs in cooperation with schools and more.

«Den som ser og hører» Maleri på trafokiosk utført i kunstmønstringen Drift 1992 av Karin Ögren, Sverige.